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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 1 Recap

Not too much to say about yesterday that you can't glean from the few pics I uploaded from my phone. Had to get up at an unGodly hour, which meant I really didn't sleep a wink because I never can when I know I have to be up super early. I also am not capable of sleeping on a plane, so by the time I got to SFO I was literally dizzy I was so tired.

SFO is a nice enough airport, my bags came out pretty quickly and I made my way to the "car rental center".... which was OBSCENELY packed. I can't believe there were that many people renting cars. I've never seen the car desk at any other airport look so full; each desk had at least 30 people waiting in line, some way more than that. Just unreal. And of course my car wasn't there, so I had to go back and get another one. D'oh!

Found my sister's place in Redwood City easy enough. She, like a good sister, took me to In 'n Out Burger, aka Mecca. Then I just hung out in her apartment (which is wicked nice) for a few hours before showering and heading into San Fran to meet up with my friend Jen from college and her husband Jeremy for dinner. We ate at the Gorden Biersch Brewery , which is right underneath the Bay Bridge (per the picture below). Nice seat on the patio, awesome beers and dinner, and of course awesome to see Han and Jer again.

Somehow having two beers actually made me feel a lot less tired, so we hung out for a few hours and then called it a night.

I took the BART to and from San Francisco, to avoid having to deal with parking (parking at the BART station is free). Quite a system - it's very fast, efficient, and pretty clean and nice. A bit loud (to the point of being scarily loud at some points) but that seems like a reasonable sacrifice.

No real pictures from yesterday aside from what you see from my phone; today I'll be doing all the touristy stuff and should have some regular shots that aren't from a grainy cameraphone.

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